Preprints, Peer Review, and Grants

The Open Network Alliance (ON-A) is addressing these goals by providing researchers, educators, and the public with a new online, open access platform (or Knowledge Network System) for learning more about the latest research and potential benefits and for facilitating and catalyzing researcher interaction, collaboration, and innovation.

The Neuroscience Knowledge Network (NKN) is the initial implementation of the ON platform providing a knowledge network of crowdsourced and curated neuroscience related knowledge Hubs.

OnAir Post: Preprints, Peer Review, and Grants

About onAir Networks

OnAir Knowledge Hubs aggregate and promote the best knowledge about a topic and its related news, events, resources, people, and organizations. OnAir Hubs also provide a variety of tools for Hub member engagement including forums, live streaming with online conferencing, and interactive Q&A sessions. OnAir Networks provides its Hub organizers and managers with the support and guidance to make their Hub the go to place for their topic.

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Why onAir?

The public Hubs are overseen by onAir Networks(ON).  ON Hubs aggregate and display onAir posts. OnAir posts can also be created and shared from Member Hubs. OnAir post content is easily shared and automatically updated under the CC-BY-NC license rules.

onAir Networks Alliance (ON)  is a non-profit social enterprise supporting open access, science and health related public Hubs that facilitate learning, collaboration, and innovation.

onAir Technology is a for profit benefit corp providing the software and hosting for the creating and sharing of knowledge between public and member Hubs. 

OnAir Post: Why onAir?