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Follow the instructions below to become an onAir member.

Your membership will enable you to:

  1.  Have your profile appear in the Site’s Directory
  2.  Comment on any post
  3.  Author new posts for this site and/or share your posts from another onAir Hub or member site like this one
  4.  Subscribe to site email newsletters
  5.  Participate in aircasts
  6.  Become a Site Curator if approved by the Site Manager

OnAir Post: Become an onAir Member

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Login by selecting the silhouette icon at the upper right of your screen. Enter your user name and password.

When you select”Edit Account”, you will be able to see your account information and change your password.

2- Become a member of this Hub

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About onAir Membership

onAir membership gives anyone the right to become a member of  any public onAir Hub public (as well as being a member of an onAir Site if approved by a site’s manager).

Hubs are open access, crowdsourced, and curated network of Knowledge Hubs …
that aggregate and promote the best knowledge about a topic and its related news, events, resources, people, and organizations.

Below is a short overview of the features of onAir membership.

1- Share your Profile

You can edit your profile(s) in one Hub and share it with as many Hubs who will accept it. When you make changes in one Hub, your profile will automatically be updated in all the Hubs it is located.

Besides having your professional profile in a Hub, you can also submit your organization’s profile  to the Hub’s curators for inclusion in the Hub’s Directory.

2- Author and Share your Posts

As a Hub member, you can become a lead author  or co-author of one or more posts in this Hub. Hub Curators determine where your post is located in this Hub. Like your profile, your post(s) can be shared with as many Hubs who will accept your post. When you make changes in one Hub, your post will automatically be updated in all the Hubs it is located.

The author(s) of a post have ownership of their posts. Posts are considered by default CC-NC (Creative Commons for Non-Commercial use. As owner of a post, you can modify the CC-NC licensing rights to whatever you want to establish… from being freely available without any restrictions or attribution to full copyright rights.

3- Comment on Posts

As a Hub member, you will be able to comment on any post in the Hub.

4-Participate in an Aircast

Aircasts are  live streamed, interactive, public broadcasts displayed in a post using Google Hangout audio or video and screen-sharing.
They can be:

  • Presentations such as lectures and thesis/dissertation/poster presos;
  • Open-ended discussions and ask the expert broadcasts;
  • Broadcasts of seminars, workshops, and panel discussions;
  • Programmed shows on specific topics
  • Reviews of news & events and recorded media such as documentaries, lab experiments, and TED Talk

Members can participate in an Aircast Show  as long as they have been invited. As  an invited Hangout participant, Members can ask questions, screen share, give and comment on presentations and panel discussions. Members can alternatively view only the onAir Broadcast by access1ing the Hub post, the Google + page, or directly from the Hub’s YouTube Channel watch page.

Hub aircasts are live streamed videos of a presentation and/or discussion that are archived in a post and in the Hub’s YouTube channel. Members can participate in any onAir broadcast as a Hangout Participant as long as they have been invited by the broadcast’s Director. As a Hangout participant, Members can ask questions, screen share, give and comment on presentations and panel discussions.

Members can also request the Hub’s Curators to set up one or more onAir broadcasts for their post(s). Curator’s will schedule your event, place it in your post before your event and store the resulting archived video in the Hub’s YouTube channel. You can have ten different locations interacting in the Hangout that your direct.

5- Become a Hub Curator

Hub members can also request to become a Hub Curator or Hub Manager (Lead Curator) by emailing the Network Administrator or the Lead Curator listed in the footer at the bottom of each page. Curators review, rank, categorize, and tweet new posts, author and edit review posts and Hub digests, set -up and schedule onAir broadcasts, find sponsors and exhibitors for their Hub, and insure the trustworthiness and freshness of a Hub’s content. Curators can earn money from their efforts through revenue sharing with Open Networks based on sponsor, exhibitor, and other revenue.

Curators can …

  • Author Hub Overviews
  • Review new posts and rank posts in categories
  • Edit posts if Authors request
  • Set up and assist authors with their onAir broadcasts
  • Create and manage Digests and email newsletters and Tweet posts in the Hub’s Twitter account
  • Share in a Hub’s revenue from sponsors and exhibitors

6- Other Membership Benefits

Members can follow and get notifications of new posts and content added to existing posts. Members can subscribe to newsletter digests that a Hub curators produce.


Video about onAir public Hubs

Edit video below to include first three slides and next to last slide.

Slides for video

Link to slides


Hub Managers

Members can make a request of the onAir Network Administrators to become a Hub manager not yet active as well as request to create a new Hub.

  • Organize and add to a Hub’s categories
  • Oversee all assistant Hub managers and Hub Curators
  • Manage a Hub’s YouTube Channel and Twitter account
  • Find Sponsors, Exhibitors,  and Donors for a Hub
  • Resell Hub content with author permission
  • Share in a Hub’s revenue from sponsors and exhibitors


Network Administrators

NKN Network Administrators provide support to Hub Managers in a number of ways including: content organization and presentation, systems and set-up, marketing to sponsors and exhibitors, accounting, and onAir broadcasts. The NKN Network Administrators are Todd Gillette– content (, Scott Joy– systems and set-up  (; and Jim McLean– onAir broadcasts (


Open Network Association – ONA

The Open Network Association – ONA is the name for the non-profit organization that oversees the onAir Network of Knowledge Hubs. ONA’s  main purpose is to facilitate communications and innovative research through the development of public, open access knowledge networks. Open Networks is chartered in Pa. as the Association for Neuroscience Communications,

The Neuroscience Knowledge Network (NKN), ONA’s first network, is comprised of interconnected Hub websites. To learn more about NKN, go to this post in the Neuroscience Hub, the central Hub for the neuroscience network.

ONA will be collaborating with leading associations, foundations, government agencies, and experts to oversee the management of the NKN Hubs and related YouTube channels and Twitter accounts.. Each Hub is supported by one or more non-profit sponsor who can also promote their organizations and interests in the Hub Expos. Hub sponsors will be able to assume ownership/authorship of their Hub profiles and submit new posts to a Hub’s curators.
ONA, as network administrator of all the NKN Hubs, will host all the websites and provide the software that NKN is using. Each topical Hub will be curated and managed by a Hub manager representing a university, association, foundation, and other non-profit organization that is knowledgeable and passionate about their topic. Open Networks will provide Hub managers with the support and guidance to make their Hub the go to Hub for their topic. Hub revenues from sponsors, the Expo exhibitors, and other sources will be shared between Open Networks and a Hub’s Manager(s). Below are links to the present NKN Hubs being supported by Open Networks.