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The Association for Neuroscience Communications (ANC) is proposing the creation of a BRAIN Initiative Advisory Board that will oversee this website.

The Advisory Board will give this Hub’s curators  direction on the overall organization of this website: what categories and sub-categories in the menu bar, the graphics and other design elements and the possible licensing of the BRAIN Initiative service mark if appropriate. The board will also recommend additional Hub curators and determine who can be members of the site (i.e. author and comment on posts).

Board members will be drawn from key government agencies and partners. We suggest, at the minimum, quarterly meetings to occur via Google Hangouts and be streamed to the public and archived in this post.



First Advisory Board Meeting

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OnAir Post: Hub Advisory Board

Company Background


onAir Networks, incorporated in Virginia as Air Networks, LLC, in 2011, is developing a new kind of Knowledge Network System to facilitate communication and collaboration among researchers, administrators, educators, and implementers in various scientific fields.

After four years of development and testing of our system at George Mason University’s College of Science and Office of Research, we will soon be launching our first model Knowledge Network focusing on neuroscience. The Neuroscience Knowledge Network is composed of a main Hub site with a growing number of sub-hubs like All of these onAirHubs will be managed by non-profit associations.

Near Term Plans

In the near future, we will be offering individuals and organizations the opportunity to have their own customizable web sites (like the site).

Founding Team and Major Roles

Scott Joy , Catalyst and Designer Bob Weigel, Server Manager and Developer Todd Gillette, Neuroscience Curator and Developer Aram Zucker-Scharff, Architect and Developer Robbie Ufford, Designer and Developer Paras Kaul, Web Communications and Content Meredith Cary, Curator and Editor John Casey, Business and Marketing Advisor Maria Dworzecka, Science Advisor and Investor Brian Doyle, Communications Advisor and Investor


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OnAir Post: Company Background