Why onAir?

Why onAir?


The onAir Knowledge Network™ consists of public  and member Hubs that facilitate learning, collaboration, and innovation. Public Hubs are managed by curators who organize the best, most trusted knowledge, people, and groups on a topic.  

The public Hubs are overseen by onAir Networks(ON).  ON Hubs aggregate and display onAir posts. OnAir posts can also be created and shared from Member Hubs. OnAir post content is easily shared and automatically updated under the CC-BY-NC license rules.

onAir Networks Alliance (ON)  is a non-profit social enterprise supporting open access, science and health related public Hubs that facilitate learning, collaboration, and innovation.

onAir Technology is a for profit benefit corp providing the software and hosting for the creating and sharing of knowledge between public and member Hubs. 

OnAir Post: Why onAir?

What is onAir?

OnAir is a dynamic, web-based knowledge sharing platform.

  • The onAir platform supports the development of onAir Hub websites and onAir Hub networks that aggregate and display posts curated by onAir members.
  • All onAir Hubs are hosted on the “onair.cc” domain with the option to be  forwarded to other domains. OnAir Hubs can be customized by their managers.
  • OnAir posts, by default, are under the CC-NC (Creative Commons-Non Commercial) license and can be shared with any other onAir Hub and automatically updated from the original post. Posts can also be copyrighted and/or password protected although these posts are not shareable with other onAir Hubs.
  • Websites hosted on other domains (especially those using WordPress or Drupal) can install an onAir plugin that will enable them to share and update onAir posts to onAir Hubs from their own sites.

onAir Technology (to be registered in Virginia in the next few months) is the company that develops, hosts, and supports the onAir software on the onair.cc domain. OnAir Technology has also formed an independent, non-partisan nonprofit organization – onAir Networks – with minority participation on its board.

onAir Networks oversees the layout, graphics, and content of all open, topical onAir Hub networks and onAir members, Hub sponsors, and the standards for sharing posts. TG, SJ, & MC BoD

  • OnAir Networks permits only Hub posts that are designated CC-NC. Hubs and Hub networks are managed by chapters of onAir Networks, existing nonprofit organizations, or specially established nonprofits acceptable to onAir Networks.

Why onAir?

(Video here especially focusing on benefits for viewers, authors, curators, and managers)

Become an onAir member

Click on the silhouette in the upper right corner and select “Become a Hub Member”.

Curate an onAir Network Hub

OnAir Networks will be collaborating with leading associations, foundations, government agencies, and experts to oversee the management of the NKN Hubs and related YouTube channels and Twitter accounts.. Each Hub is supported by one or more non-profit sponsor who can also promote their organizations and interests in the Hub Expos. Hub sponsors will be able to assume ownership/authorship of their Hub profiles and submit new posts to a Hub’s curators.

Buy an onAir member Hub

If you or an organization you are affiliated with want to have your own onAir website on the onAir Knowledge Network, fill out the form below.

For Individual Sites like this Todd Gillette, cost is

For Project Sites like Neuromorpho.org

For Conference Sites like DCHC 2917

For Association Sites like Society for Health Communications

(Purchase form here)

Share_onAir™ Plugin

if you have a WordPress or Drupal website, you can purchase the Share_onAir plugin which will enable you to create posts in your own

(Purchase form here)

Host your onAir MemberHub

If you want to host your own custom Hub using the onAir Network software, contact one of our licensees:  IBM, HP, etc.

More about ONA

The Open Network Alliance – ONA –  is a non-profit social enterprise chartered in PA managing all the public Hubs in the onAir Knowledge Network.

ONA’s  main purpose is to facilitate learning, collaboration, and innovative research through the development of public, open access networks of Knowledge Hubs. ONA will be collaborating with leading associations, foundations, government agencies, and experts to develop and manage Knowledge Hubs. Initial knowledge networks focus on Health Communication and Neuroscience.

(Request form to become Hub Manager of an existing Hub)

(Request form to start a new Hub)

Work with onAir Networks

If you are interested in becoming part of the onAir Network Team, contact us at:

Opportunities include: UX designers and developers, server managers, network administrators, aircasters, marketers, and ONA interface specialists.


if you have feedback on the onAir user experience as  a Viewer, contact:

if you have feedback on the onAir user experience as  an Author, contact:

if you have feedback on the onAir user experience as an Curator, contact:

if you have feedback on the onAir user experience as  a Site Manager, contact:

if you have feedback on the onAir user experience as  a Hub Managercontact: