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The Open Network (ON) is an open access, crowdsourced, and curated network of public Knowledge Hubs…┬áthat aggregate and promote the best knowledge about a topic and its related news, events, resources, people, and organizations.

The Open Network accelerates learning, collaboration, and innovation in research and its implementation.

This post is a short overview of the features of The Open Network knowledge network of Hubs and how they can be experienced. All Hubs use the onAir Knowledge Network System.

It’s free to be a member of Open Networks. Members can…

  • Have a profile post that can shared w/multiple Hubs (updated automatically wherever shared)
  • Comments on posts
  • Participate in onAir broadcasts
  • Author posts
  • Become a member of any specific Hub upon a request of the Hub’s Manager (with the same privileges as outlined above)
  • Receive Hub digests as email newsletters

OnAir Post: onAir Networks